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Why Ragged Trouser?

Ragged trouser theatre company was born in the depression of post graduation. After having had such life changing experiences and forging long lasting friendships at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, we decided – like anything good – we didn’t want it to end.

Instead of waiting for our agents to phone us we decided we would use our multitalented selves and create and perform in our own work. Thus the Ragged Trouser
Theatre Company was born.

The name Ragged Trouser was inspired by Robert Tressell’s book The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists, which provides a look at the political, cultural and economic situation of Britain at the time. We hope in our work to do the same… and hopefully much more.

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Ragged Trouser Theatre’s first production is Gary’s Not Well, written by our own Liam Cogan. The play runs from Feb 5 – 9, and tickets are now available for purchase[…]

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garys not well

Gary’s Not Well

This will be Ragged Trouser Theatre’s first production, written by founder and resident writer Liam Cogan. Synopsis Gary Wells gave up a life changing job to stay with his partner,[…]

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